Speed Sauce Electrolyte Powder Sports Drink by Iron Cowboy - Fruit Punch Flavor

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<p>High-endurance athletes are always striving to achieve the impossible. James Lawrence (aka The Iron Cowboy) did just that in 2015 when he completed 50 triathlons in 50 consecutive days across 50 states. But in accomplishing this extraordinary feat, James came to a profound conclusion: his performance could have been heightened with the help of proper nutrition. The result? MagNaK Speed Sauce. Thanks to direct input from James, this patented formulation is specifically designed to help high-endurance athletes maintain optimal electrolyte and hydration levels so they can achieve peak performance and hit more PR's! REDUCES MUSCLE CRAMPS more than any other sports drink/electrolyte mix REDUCES ABDOMINAL BLOATING during periods of intense and prolonged physical activity IMPROVES HYDRATION faster than other sports drink due to lower osmolality REDUCES MUSCLE SORENESS after exercise with medically-informed Magnesium to Potassium ratio REDUCES FATIGUE with the right balance of electrolytes so you can recover faster</p> </div> <ul> <li>DEVELOPED FOR JAMES LAWRENCE, THE IRON COWBOY - James Lawrence achieved the impossible when we did 50 triathlons in 50 consecutive days across 50 states. Now you can push past your limits with MagNaK Speed Sauce!</li> <li>PATENTED PHYSICIAN FORMULATION - Developed by award-winning Nephrologist, Dr. Kharait MD PhD, Patented formulation reduces cramps and bloating so you can train longer, faster, and harder!</li> <li>MAGNESIUM RICH - Optimal ratio of potassium and sodium prevents muscle fatigue and soreness during high intensity workouts.</li> <li>ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS & AMAZING FLAVOR - No more worries about the right ingredients for athletes that care about what they put in their bodies. No artificial flavors, colors, or additives.</li> <li>100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Within first 30 day if for whatever reason you're not satisfied with the results of MagNaK Speed Sauce, contact us on Amazon and we will provide a full refund no questions asked and you can keep the product.</li> </ul>">